Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our goals are to minimize the possibility of exposure while continuing to provide uncompromised service. We take the safety and health of our students and staff very seriously. To help keep our facility safe, we are sanitizing contact surfaces, motorcycles, and equipment before each class.

The following are several required measures to reduce the potential exposure to and transmission of COVID-19. Please read them carefully to ensure your ability to participate in class.

  1. Do NOT come to class if you are sick or have a fever. Everyone will be screened for fever and illness each day. If you show any signs of illness, you will be denied entry.

    All attendees MUST bring and wear a face covering at all times, during classroom, riding, breaks, etc. Face coverings should completely cover your nose, mouth, and chin.
  2. You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to bring your own helmet and gloves. Loan helmets are only available under the following conditions:
    • You MUST wear a face covering when wearing a loan helmet.
    • You MUST bring and wear a head covering under the loan helmet.
    Loan gloves and footwear may be available, but not guaranteed.
  3. A communal container of hand sanitizer will be available. However, for added safety, we recommend you bring your own.
  4. Social Distancing (at least 6 feet between everyone) is required at all times.

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