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This fun, half-day course focuses on learning the fundamental and technical skills needed to operate your off-road bike in a safe and smart manner. It’s also a great class to learn how to operate ANY type of motorcycle.

Designed for the beginning rider, you’ll practice proper application of a motorcycle’s controls, and develop important mental skills for assessing the riding environment.

A Public Class costs $250. We supply the motorcycle, the riding gear, and the fun! To check class schedules and/or to register, CLICK HERE.

Private and Family classes are also offered. See Frequently Asked Questions (below) for more details.
Email: for additional information and to schedule.

CLICK HERE for map and contact information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

Class is approximately 6 hours. The course moves along at the pace of the majority of the students.

Are there age or size restrictions?

YES. A student must be at least 6 years old the day of class. Riders must be able to touch the ground with both feet while seated. Our smallest motorcycle has a seat height of 21.6" and it weighs 111 pounds. Smaller children may not be able to ride.

Are there skill requirements?

YES. Being able to easily balance and ride a bicycle (without training wheels) is a basic requirement before taking any motorcycle training program. We do not teach balance and coordination.

What are the age groups for Public Classes?

Classes are set up by age groups:

Are parents involved in the kids classes?

We encourage parents to watch and listen to what is taught, and to re-enforce the skills learned at a later time. We ask that parents do not interfere with coaching from the sidelines.

Can I bring my own bike?

NO. You will be riding one of our size appropriate dirt bikes. Models range from 50cc – 250cc. Manual clutch models start at 125cc.

Can I bring my own riding gear?

YES. You are welcome to bring your own apparel and we will supply anything that is needed to fill-in.

Is your loan apparel clean?

YES. All apparel are machined washed after every use. Boots, helmet (shells), and chest protectors are disinfected and wiped down after every use.

Is this a pass or fail course?

NO. However, on occasion, very young kids might not be developed or mature enough for the complexity of riding a motorcycle. If they are deterring from the learning experience of other students, they will be encourage to try again at a later time.

Is there a lunch break?

Usually a 45 minute break. You are encouraged to bring a cooler with snacks, water, hydration drinks. Our facility has an air-conditioned break room with refrigerator, microwave, and toaster. There is also outside picnic tables. Several fast food places are nearby.

Can we have the whole family in the same class?

A Family Class allows you to have up to 5 family members in the same class (no more than 3 kids ages 6-11 yrs in the class with two adults). Pricing is $750 on a weekday, $950 on a weekend. To learn more and schedule, email

Is there a Private class option?

YES. A Private Class can be arranged. The maximum class size is 2 students (6 years and older). Pricing is $625 weekdays only. No weekends. To learn more and schedule, email

Is it allowed to take video or photos of the class?

You are welcome to video or take photos of your student, as long as you do not interfere with the instruction or flow of the class and stay behind the marked boundaries. Non-students are not permitted on the dirt range at any time!

Do I need a Dirt Bike certificate to ride in California?

NO. A MSF DirtBike School certificate is not required in the State of California. However, we highly recommend taking a training course to enhance your skills, knowledge, and enjoyment while riding.



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