Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any physical requirements?

You must have the ability to balance and stabilize a two-wheeled vehicle. Riding a motorcycle requires good balance, coordination and physical conditioning. Practice riding a bicycle.

What if I have a medical issue?

Medical clearance must be reported prior to enrolling. If STMC is not properly notified, you must assume all risks and releases all parties from all liability.

Do I need a motorcycle permit first?

No. However, you must have a valid driver's license, learner's permit or CA DMV-issued ID card.

How long is the class?

MTC is a multi-day 15 1/2 hour course. 6 1/2 hours in classroom and 9 hours riding.

What do I need to bring to class?

  1. Long-sleeved shirt or jacket that fully covers the midriff and wrists.
  2. Sturdy denim pants with no holes or tears (no sweats, dress pants or 'stretchy jeans').
  3. Leather gloves that fully cover the fingers and wrist.
  4. Sturdy shoes or boots that rise above the ankle (no spike heels, platform shoes or cloth shoes).
  5. Eye protection- Rx glasses, sunglasses, goggles or a helmet face shield.

Loan helmets are provided, or you may bring your own. Personal helmets must be a ¾ or full-face style. No half-helmet style. They will be inspected for DOT-compliance and no more than 5 years old.

Am I guaranteed to pass?

No. You must attend all sessions, pass a written test and pass a skills riding test before passing.

What if I don't pass?

Sometimes people need additional practice by repeating a portion of the class. Sometimes people decide that riding is not for them. Either way, you will have gained experience on what it takes to ride a motorcycle.

What if I am late, or don't show up for part of my class?

You will loose your spot. Per CMSP rules, no late arrivals to any portion of the course are permitted. Sessions must be taken in the order that they are scheduled. There are no refunds.

Where is the training held?

Honda Rider Education Center, 1301 Via Venita, Colton, CA 92324. Telephone: 909-430-3000


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