Learn to Ride. Our Learn to Ride class is designed to provide an enjoyable skills development experience for folks who want to start their motorcycle riding adventures. The overall aim is to help students develop smooth and precise control as they manipulate primary motorcycle controls and practice riding procedures and techniques.

For more information, or to register, visit the Learn to Ride web site or call 909-430-3000.


Basic RiderCourse2 (BRC2). Riders enjoy the half-day BRC2 course for fine-tuning their physical and mental skills. Skills needed for survival in traffic. Even if you’ve been riding for some time, there’s always something new to learn. You’ll learn how to balance the mental and physical aspects of managing risk, increasing visibility and optimizing lane positions. This course also provides valuable information about protective gear, motorcycle inspection and care. Plus, some insurance companies provide a discount. Be sure to ask your agent. Some motorcycle brand-sponsored clubs have programs to reimburse you for all or part of the tuition paid towards your course.

For more information, or to register, visit the Basic RiderCourse2 web site or call 909-430-3000.


Advanced RiderCourse (ARC). Techniques that extend beyond basic riding procedures are addressed in this course. The ARC is the public version of the Military SportBike RiderCourse (MSRC), and may be taken by riders using any type of motorcycle. It is a one-day course consisting of approximately 3½ hours of classroom and 4½ hours of riding. The techniques used for more performance oriented riding can be used to enhance the skills and techniques for riders of any type of motorcycle. Training focuses on improving the overall capabilities of riders, particularly related to overall control, cornering and emergency maneuvers.

For more information, or to register, visit the Advanced RiderCourse web site or call 909-430-3000.


Dirt Bike School. This half-day course focuses on learning the fundamental and technical skills needed to operate your off-road bike in a safe and smart manner. We will help you learn the functions of the controls on your motorcycle—starting, stopping, shifting, cornering, standing, proper body positions, and how to go over obstacles.

Private classes (two students) and family classes (up to five family members) are offered on request for weekdays or weekends. Call for pricing. We supply the motorcycles and riding gear.

For more information, or to register, visit the Dirt Bike School web site or call 909-430-3000.


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